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Here you will find the scents and other products which are used within the NoseWork sport. 
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Eucalyptus 100 ml
Inci: Aqua, Eucalyptus globulus
Origin: Portugal
Price: 85 sek 

Lavender  100 ml
Inci: Aqua, Lavandula angustifolia
Origin: France
Price: 75 sek

Laurel leaf 100 ml
Inci: Aqua, Laurus nobilis
Origin: Portugal
Price: 85 sek


Vital Boosters for dogs & humans

MSM 250 gr
Inci: methyl sulphonyl methane
Origin: Canada

Price: 150 sek

Nettle powder 250 gr/ 400 gr
Inci: Herba Urtica Dioica/urens
Origin: Europe

Price: 250 gr- 90 sek
Price: 400 gr- 165



Pre-& Probiotics 125 gr
Inci:Lactobacillus acodiophillus & bifidobacterium
Origin: Canada

Price: 160 sek

Rosehip powder 500 gr
Inci: Rosa Canina/Rubiginosa fructus
Origin: Chile

Price: 140 sek

care for dogs & humans


Pipette 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml & dropper

Dropper: 2 sek
Pipettes: 7 sek

Glass bottles 

5 ml-6 sek

10 ml- 7 sek
30 ml- 8 sek
100 ml- 12 sek

Glass Measuring cylinder

50 ml-72 sek
150 ml-75 sek
600 ml-  98 sek


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